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 As a leader, innovator, investor, and top-selling real estate agent, Brett Tanner blends a unique marketing methodology with a results driven approach to real estate. Brett’s real estate team, with 110+ members, currently operates in ten states and has sold over $2 billion in real estate. 

Brett’s initial success with real estate sales and investments propelled him to broader opportunities which created the basis for Tanner Capital Holdings. His passion for excellence and desire to enhance the client experience was his ignition to build and lead the businesses that operate under the Tanner Capital umbrella.

Today, Brett’s expertise is sought after as a national speaker and mentor focusing on wealth development. 

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Wealth Building Entrepreneur


Brett is the founder of Be Wealthy and KW Wealth, a foundational component to building generational wealth.

  • Real Estate Sold: Over $2 Billion
  • Rentals and Notes Owned: 200+
  • Ranked #9 Team in Sales Volume in 2012 
    By Wall Street Journal


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Brett has been speaking across the country for over a decade. Delivering wealth and shifting mindset from “scarce” to “abundant”. He brings a unique, entertaining, and tactical approach to the conversation of financial literacy.

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Success Stories

Maggie & Joe Eterno

  “It’s been almost ONE year since we decided to join the Be Wealthy Network and let me share a little bit of what our retail team has accomplished this year. Contracts closed volume is up 27.4%, Closed units are up 61.5%, GCI is up 13%, Listed 73 Homes, Expanded markets, and partnered with several of our agents on investment deals. And we’re just getting started! Thank you Brett Tanner and Andrew McCargar for pouring into us and teaching us to build a world like you have built!”

Daniel Dixon

  “Brett’s knowledge and guidance have been instrumental to my growth and overall success. While working with Be Wealthy, my real estate team has grown from $40 Million to $140 Million per year since I started coaching with him. I’ve added 4 ancillary business lines and grown my net worth by 1000% over the past 5 years. One of the brightest minds and best coaches in the game - thanks for all you have done and continue to do for me and my family Brett!”

Drew & Denise Wisdom

  Since joining the Be Wealthy Network I have gone from $71k pending GCI to $247k in GCI today (2 month difference!!). September will be our biggest month EVER! Currently sitting at $5,215,500. We also picked up 6 additional clients while flipping our first homes!”

Gain back your freedom. 

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Where entrepreneurs go to generate wealth. 

Wealth is so much more than money. Of course money is apart of it, but what does it actually mean to be wealthy? This podcast is the answer: from how to grow and manage your wealth, differentiate financial products, optimize personal productivity and ultimately buying your time back to do what you love. Everything from traveling across the country to life changing mattress recommendations (seriously!!) This is: Be Wealthy. 


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Be Wealthy Mastermind Shadow

*2 seats available*

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